Perseverance Leadership was founded by Dr. David Sever on solid principles to help sustain what works for all leaders and learners. As a teacher, principal, curriculum and assessment specialist, assistant superintendent, senior consultant for the International Center for Leadership in Education and manager of professional development for Northwest Evaluation Association, Dr. Sever has devoted more than 40 years helping kids and adults learn. These experiences have provided a myriad of opportunities to observe, support, and learn from leaders and educators around the country.

    Dave has conducted numerous workshops, leadership sessions, and has delivered countless presentations around the country. He has a wealth of successful experience facilitating group data sessions and motivating leaders to develop goals and improve their leadership skills. His book, Dancing with Data, provides strategies and techniques for understanding and applying data more effectively. Dave has a deep understanding of the needs of leaders and educators to embrace and utilize information to drive continuous improvement.

A teacher for more than thirty years, Dave's wife, Cheryl, has conducted extensive training with teachers in a variety of topics including Ruby Payne principles for helping kids in poverty, application of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) data in the classroom, and working with teachers to develop effective classroom activities and strategies. With her delightful sense of humor, her common sense approach and expertise in human interaction, Cheryl has the keen ability to provide teachers with proven methods that support effective learning.

Change is inevitable. Sustained change is vital. We believe that sustained change cannot be realized unless leaders of education persevere. We must persevere as we implement new ways to facilitate learning while capitalizing on proven successful strategies that work.  

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and partner with you to develop successful strategies for helping leaders and learners. Our approach is to first learn about you, your organization, and your community. While common issues exist within all organizations we believe that your needs are unique to you. We will do everything possible to earn your trust and respect as we partner to find the means to sustain what works for all of your leaders and learners.